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What is CompTIA?


ComptiA is an acronym for the Computing Technology Industry Association. CompTIA is a non-profit trade association that issues professional certifications for the information technology industry.

List of Certifications

A+: Certifies the professional has entry-level competency as a computer technician

Cloud+: Certifies the professional understands both cloud computing and virtualization.

CySA+: This certification focuses on cyber-threat detection tools and analysis to identify vulnerabilities and risks.

Linux+: This certification covers Linux operating systems, from their installation and use to the basics of applicable free software and open source licenses.

Network+: This entry-level certification is used to measure skill as a network technician.

PenTest+: This intermediate-level certification focuses on penetration testing which includes risk analysis, threat detection, and penetration testing, as well as, ethical hacking tools and methodologies.

Project+: This certification is an entry level project management certification program.

Security+: This is an entry-level vendor-neutral security certification that builds off of the network security knowledge covered by the Network+ certification.

Server+: This certification focuses on server-specific hardware and operating systems, IT environments, disaster recovery and business continuity.

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